Search Engine Strategies (SES) New York – 2010

SES New York is next month and the prep work has begun.  As one of the top search conferences it will have all of the obligatory hype, announcements and key takeaways.  As in years past it will be chocked full of new ideas and technologies.

But this year will be different for me.  This year I want to be a part of the conversations happening at the conference.  Be a part of the dialogue between sessions in the hallways.  I want to meet those people that are as passionate as I am about this space.  I don’t want to just be an attendee.

With that in mind I’ve begun the work to find out who is headed out there and begin the introductions and conversations before the first day.  That will allow the relationships to grow there and during the months that follow.

If this matches your goal, let’s connect.  I’m not drinking alone at the bar this year.

Oh yeah, if you have any insider information on how to get the most of out of SES-NYC, please let me know.  I’ll buy you a beer.