Claim Your Business Now! Local Searches on Google are waiting for you – South Tampa Dentist Example

In case you haven’t already, do not wait any longer to claim your business on Google’s Local Business Center.  This step is critical to putting your business in the local search results of your prospects.

Local search results are those associated with the map you regularly see in one of the top positions of the search results.  Searchers click on these links in drove for many business categories.  As you optimize you site to rank for terms in the organic results, do not discount getting you business in the local section of results.

An significant advantage of the clicks is you get to direct them to a specific page on your site rather than letting Google determine which page is most appropriate.  For example, if you were to Google “south tampa dentist“, you would get the following results as of today.

Dentist In South Tampa

Dentist In South Tampa

Notice Coast Dental among the top spots in these results even though Coast Dental does not rank in the organic positions for that term or “dentist in south tampa“.  This business and the others are receiving top billing just by managing their local business pages through Google.

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