Mashable Connect 2011 – The Interviews

Mashable Connect

In preparing to attend Mashable Connect 2011 in May I am again extended my interview series by inviting the lineup of speakers for an interview before we all converge on Orlando.

Much like I did prior to Social Fresh coming into town this past February, I’m expanding this interview series by bringing in video, audio and possibly even a Twitter-view or two.

Stop back by and join in the conversation with some of the very influential people on tap for this year’s event.

5 Nuggets Social Fresh 2010

Social Fresh Tampa - 5 Nuggets I Still UseLast February I attended Social Fresh Tampa at the last minute because it was local, inexpensive and didn’t appear to be a MLM event.  Thank God!

As I prepare for the 2011 tour to pass through Tampa tomorrow (though some training started today), I thought I’d share 5 nuggets I took from last year’s event and have used in the past 12 months.

1. Twitter and Facebook Panel

Nugget: How do you handle 24 hours of the day?  Are you there when they talk about you?

Over the past year I have had so many instances managing a large social presence where activities happen from 5pm-9am, when no one is in the office.  Planning and building these responses by more than one person are the only way you can sustain a 24/7 presence on the web for your brand.

2. Maggie Fox – Social Media Group – runs Ford’s social media

Nugget: Earned media is amplified by paid media which is syndicated through owned media

I’ve “borrowed” Maggie’s nugget in presentations, designing marketing plans even over beers with my neighbors in the driveway.  When you approach your presence on the web respecting what you own and don’t own, you give more credence to those who want to talk about you.   You’re playing on their turf after all.

3. Branding within Social Media Panel – Tampa Bay Rays

Nugget: Managing your reputation when you don’t control it

Much like Maggie’s approach to what you own and don’t own, this panel shed light on how to manage your brand when you own, but don’t have control.  There are many franchise or multi-location online marketing scenarios where there are multiple owners.  In these situations, knowing how to achieve your goals with modified rules is critical.

4. The Social Web, Crisis Response and Reputation Rejuvenation – presented by General Motor’s Director of Social Media

Nugget: You need to be engaged prior to a crisis

I have actively taken his advice and worked hard to engage and build up my company’s reputation not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because when we do maker a misstep I hope we’ll be afforded some leniency to correct and recover with a fatality.

5. Corporate Blogging Panel

Nugget: Removal criteria: Vulgar, Personal, Not germane

I know it seems rather basic but these 3 simple criteria truly sum up how to approach the haters, trolls and general angry people in this world online.  We have a very high bar for removal, but if you take a business issue and make it into a personal attack, you’re not playing fair.

What Did You Learn?

What about you?

Did you learn anything last year that you can say you used in the past 12 months?

Let me know if so.

My Thoughts on the Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) Interview on 60 Minutes

PS: This video was shot using a Flip video MinoHD 8GB camcorder (Amazon affiliate link) and a Fat Gecko Double Knuckle Camera Mount (Amazon affiliate link).

My Flip is awesome!  Though I wish I had the 3rd generation version which includes image stabilization.  The Fat Gecko is wicked.  Use it in or out of your car, snowboards, mountain bikes, bike helmets.  I love it!


I’ve had this video transcribed below for those who prefer to read rather than listen or watch. The transcription provided by me.

Good Morning everybody! Mark Regan here. It’s Monday, December 6, 2010, from Tampa, Florida where I am sitting down at 41 degree and it’s cold.

I wanted to drop a video to you guys about the Mark Zuckerberg interview that he did with Leslie Stahl in 60 Minutes last night. You know, that guy is a pretty normal looking guy. He’s one of the more powerful, if not the most powerful, man right now in the online world and he is just so unassuming for a 26-year old kid. I give him—my hats off to him. He’s done a great job.

The other thing was you could tell how well coached he was when Leslie asked him some of the tougher questions around privacy at the movie The Social Network and he had a straight poker face without any facial expressions or at least very little. His lips were really tight, making sure that he didn’t give up his answer in his face and just left it to the words that he had been well-prepared to say. He did a decent job there.

But more importantly, I wanted to talk about the new layout. Leslie showed a couple of examples of it and there’s, you know, more online going live today, apparently. And what was interesting to me, when the two examples he showed, first example was the movement of some of the personal information that we usually find in the info tab moving that just below your name on the wall—‘where are you from’, ‘where you currently live’, ‘who you work for’ and stuff like that as well as the ‘what do you have in common’ with some of your peers or someone in particular. So you’re going into their page, you can find some common interests you would have with that person.

Those two tasks are tasks that I do all the time in Facebook, both on a personal and professional level. And to me, what changed the update about this type of facebook compare to others is that rather than being just a feature list, checking off this page– we have this feature, now, they look like a they’ve really gone in and done an update about the usability and how people are using it in and finding what are the most common task that people do on the Facebook network and that was really interesting.

I guess you could probably put in—excuse me–Facebook messages in that same place where they realize a lot of people are using the chat services and the connecting back and forth. But this ability to see every relationship and every connection you have with the person or to go directly and get a quick Cliff Notes of everything about them—some of their vital stats, to me is less about features and more about the usability and that’s why I think its going to make this a big update for Facebook compare to some of the other ones which were more layout and movement of elements and adding new features that people have been requesting. I doubt if people have requested this as much as they have showed through analytics and other tracking mechanisms, they’ve showed to the folks at Facebook that this is how we use it. Make this part easier and we’ll use it even more. That’s my two cents.

I’d be interested in what you have to say. Leave me some comments down below and get talk some more about it. Until next time, take care.

Get Paid to Drink Beer

31 Days of WOBtoberfestHERE’S AN IDEA!

Create a project where you get to drink beer every day, write it off as a company expense and have everyone think you are some smart internet guy.

Well I did just that.

In mid-September I came up with the idea to embark on a social media experiment during October.

World of Beer - WestchaseUsing a local bar, World of Beer – Westchase, and its annual beer and music festival, WOBtoberfest, as my target I created my version of a flash mob, the 31 Days of WOBtoberfest.

I went to it every day in October, sampling two different beers and blogging about it.

And no I have/had no affiliation with the bar.  I paid full price for everyone one of my beers!


But the experiment was more than 2 beer reviews a day.  I extended the website with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Vimeo, allowing me to reach different audiences in whatever manner they preferred.

The highlights were interesting and contrary to what I thought they would have been:

  • Very few people found out about it through organic search.  Those that did, quickly bounced off of the site.
  • Business Cards

    Business Cards

  • It appears the offline activities played the biggest role.  Things like talking it up, leaving business cards everywhere and working the bar and its staff played the biggest role in attracting new visitors.
  • David Meerman Scott Tweet

    David Meerman Scott Tweet

  • Even with mentions by David Meerman Scott [PHOTO] and ads on Facebook, [PHOTO] they provided little in terms of repeat visitors, email subscriptions or RSS subscriptions.
  • 31WOB Facebook Ad

    31WOB Facebook Ad

  • The two online bumps we had were tied directly to WOB’s rabid fan base.  Early on they put out a Facebook status update that spiked visitors and subscribers.  Also there were two articles in their weekly email newsletter that drove new traffic.
  • 31WOB Email Preview

    31WOB Email Preview

  • The repeat visitors were largely due to a daily email update.  With an open rate of over 54% and a click-through rate of over 30%, I would consider that a major success.

They always say “the money’s in the list”.  This was no different.  Email played the most significant role is connecting with the fans of 31 WOB!


  • What else should I pick apart and expose to you?
  • How do you think I should measure success?
  • Would the results have been different if there was more time in advance to build up anticipation?
  • Was the experiment just too short to achieve anything greater?

Check out some of the hard numbers from the experiments Day 31 post for a more humorous look at its success.