Tampa Search Marketing – Insights from the Bay Area

Search popularity is always an interesting topic as people get deeper into their Tampa-unique search marketing initiatives. However peeking into local search popularity is another matter since the volume is never high enough for terms related to Tampa. Nor can we peek at what those within Tampa are searching for. The most popular tools, like WordTracker and Google Keyword Tool, just don’t do that.

But another tool from Google allows to see what the searchers here in Tampa are doing, Google Insights. You can drill down with many different levers in the tool, but the regional filter is worth delving into.

Using the tool’s filter I ran reports looking back over the past thirty days targeting the Tampa Bay area and its search terms on Google. As we might expect many of the popular terms at the national level show up, like ‘Facebook’, ‘YouTube’, ‘news’, etc. But if you drill down into the categories you find some very unique Bay Area terms.

In the Financial category are many searches for Suncoast Federal Credit Union. Notice the absence of some of the other big banks in that list. Hats off to Suncoast.
In the Local category, we see a near breakout search for the recent Ribfest in St. Petersburg.

In the Real Estate category the county property appraiser’s offices (Hillsborough, Pinellas and Sarasota) are quite popular.

In the Society category, it’s the universities that dominate, in particular the University of South Florida and the University of Florida.

So are you are preparing your strategy to aggressively attack the search marketing channel here in Tampa, are you going to this level of detail to not only do the due diligence on your industry’s terms, are you are looking for opportunities to align yourself with popular terms that are local in nature?

If not, Google Insights is a great starting point.

UPDATE 12/8/2009: The St Pete Times has an article this morning on the most Googled terms in Tampa Bay.  Here’s a direct link the raw data. It’s interesting to see Google’s view compared the my take above.