The Amazon Effect

The thing about Walmart that it forces you to be better. Scott McClelland, H-E-B

For those that whine and complain about the “Walmart Effect” and its impact on their small business, they have another thing coming.

With Amazon’s launch of local state tax collection in California this week it’s only a matter time before the other 49 states fall in line.

Amazon has given up lobbying the various governments to stop or delay local taxation. They are now putting up logistical distribution centers in every state. This is going to allow them to easily make next day or even same-day delivery on significantly more of their inventory.

Do you think every mom-and-pop or even regional retailer has seen this coming and thought about the impact on their sales?  I don’t either, I think very few have seen this coming,

But it’s a game changer that everyone is going to be hit by but few are going to respond and come out better than they started.  Better than Amazon.

The Walmart Effect will pale in comparison to the Amazon Effect.

Lawyers and Websites – The Florida Supreme Court Plays The Heavy On Advertising

Last month The Florida Supreme Court ruled that lawyers’ websites “must comply with all Bar advertising regulations, except the requirement that they be submitted to the Bar for review.” according to The Florida Bar News. It became effective earlier this month, January 1, 2010.

That means lawyer Web sites may not:

  • Make statements that characterize the quality of legal services being offered
  • Provide information regarding past results
  • Include testimonials.

In the world of marketing your legal practice these tactics are invaluable.  Every other industry uses them daily and with good success.  Fortunately all of us legal marketers play by the same rules.  So while we want to use them at least others are not as well.

If you practice your business outside of legal, be very happy you are not regulated by such oversight. Much like the medical field, the courts are very conservative when consumer protection is considered. Whether you like it or not, you need to be aware of the rules like this in your state. Ignorance is not a good strategy.

Know what you can and cannot do when it comes to online marketing your legal practice.