Link To Mark Regan

Help PleaseLet me cut to the chase.  I want to be #1 for the search term ‘mark regan’, my name.  But there is a rather infamous rugby player in Europe who just will not retire and apparently has the following of Joe Montana over there.

His Wikipedia entry (no I’m not going to link to it here) has been in the #1 position as far back as I can remember.

There is no money to be gained by me for overtaking the top spot.  In fact, it’s likely to just bring a lot of misdirected traffic to this site.  But I still want that spot.  I want to dominate the top spot for my name!

So if you’re interested, you can help me.  From your website (anywhere really, an interior page or the homepage) link to this website ( with the words ‘mark regan’ as the clickable text (anchor text) that links to this site.

The raw HTML code would look like this:

<a href="">Mark Regan</a>

That’s it!  You can put any words around the link above, good or bad.  But if you do it, please let me know because I hope to some day be able to return the favor.

Mark Regan

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