About Mark Regan

I live and breathe it – everything I talk about here

Mark Regan

I’m an digital marketing fanatic.

I grew up on the technical side writing code for routers at Cisco.  From there I made my way into technical marketing where I now specialize in the digital marketing of multi-location businesses online.   As the Chief Marketing Officer  at PowerChord I work with large multi-location, multinational corporations like STIHL, Ariens, Gravely and Club Car. Collectively, we manage the digital marketing activities of over 7,000 of their locations.

Prior to that I managed all of the digital marketing activities for Coast Dental’s 200+ dental practices and over 100 Sylvan Learning Centers in the US and Canada. LinkedIn has my detailed bio covering Silicon Valley, IBM and my time at an SEC football powerhouse and an ACC basketball dynasty.

My Specialties

  • Digital Strategy, Implementation, Due Diligence, Planning
  • Webmaster, SEO, Web Analytics, Site Optimization, User Experience, Mobile
  • Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn
  • Search, SEO/SEM, Local Search, SEM, Paid Search
  • Email, Blogging, Video Marketing
  • Speaking, Training, Research on anything and everything in the interactive space

Some call me a Marketing Technologist, a Digital Strategist, a Searchologist or even worse.


If you’d like to collaborate, then let’s hook up:

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