Advice to my Daughters (and my team)

When I recently read an article about some famous NFL dad’s post to his daughter, it made me think what I would pass on to my daughters.

Once I wrote it down I realized that it’s not just advice for little girls, but appropriate us all.  In particular, I think of my team at the office as they continue to master what we do and master their own life.

Advice to my Daughters

  1. Seek life-changing events. Go to the bigger party. Get off of the couch. Choose the path with the better story.
  2. Master  decisions and learn from outcomes.  Do not confuse the two.  A good outcome does not necessarily mean you made a good decision.
  3. When you’re young (pre-18) you should be rewarded for trying. After that all rewards are based on doing.  Most people struggle with this transition.
  4. Answer to 3 people.  If you’re not sure if you should do something or not do something in life. Take a moment and, in your head, ask 3 people what they would think. For me those 3 people have always been: my mom, my wife and my boss. If I can get all three to agree, in my head, then I’ve passed moral test. They don’t always agree, by the way.

I know I’m missing a money nugget, but I haven’t been able to condense one down into a single profound statement yet.

What do you have?

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