Loyalty Programs Can Now Be Social


Note: This video was shot using a Flip video MinoHD 8GB camcorder (Amazon affiliate link) and a Fat Gecko Double Knuckle Camera Mount (Amazon affiliate link). Boo-Yah!

My Flip is awesome! Though I wish I had the 3rd generation version which includes image stabilization. The Fat Gecko is wicked. Use it in or out of your car, snowboards, mountain bikes, bike helmets. I love it!


I’ve had this video transcribed below for those who prefer to read rather than listen or watch. The transcription provided by me.

Hey everybody! Mark Regan here.

You may know that I am a big user of Foursquare. And one of the cool potentials that Foursquare has is as it’s growing into, evolving into a loyalty rewards-type, offering—expanding that empty check-in that they have today and turning it into a loyalty rewards. And they’re doing it today by businesses offerings, specials for acquiring mayorship or they’re allowing every three or four check-ins allowing access to a certain special on the menu. And that’s cool but it really is only a novelty at this point.

And what I saw today and heard about this company through Mashable called SNAP (www.SNAPForBusiness.com) takes that and does a really good integration of the offline and online event. They’ll take your traditional loyalty rewards card program and as you swipe it at the retailer they will check you in to your Foursquare account. So by connecting your loyalty rewards account to your Foursquare account. They will do an automatic check-in for you and that will obviously, then, allow you to attempt to acquire mayorships and update your friends about your status.

But what they done is that they have taken it one step further, and this is what Foursquare cant do, is that they can also do an auto-post status update for your Facebook account and do a tweet to your Twitter followers – all of that, automatically happening, is part of their loyalty reward program, which is something Foursquare cant do.

And what that does is the business gets their name out, so every time you swipe that card and allow them to do this auto-notification through your various  social networks, they are getting a lot  of brand exposure and educating all of those people and having you say that you recommend them and that you endorse them to some extent and in return for that, the customer will get points faster on the rewards system and get the return and the rewards that they’re seeking and that the business owners are looking to give.

So, tell me what you think about that. I think it is a really good play. I haven’t implemented it yet, but the concept is really cool in terms of integrating the online and offline world, and loyalty rewards, which are understood and accepted by many people would be the perfect way to do that.  So let me know what you think.

Thanks a lot! Take care!

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