Elections Are Not Customer-Focused

I Voted


Today is Election Day and in my usual manner I crammed my research into the last 24 hours before voting this morning.  I do that every time I vote.

But as I’m driving to my precinct I was reminded of how many people don’t vote because they are uninformed.  Much like a customer who is not ready to buy, they don’t buy.

In marketing we say “be there when the customer is ready to buy.”


So why can’t the election process work the same way?  Let’s have a constant election process that lets people make their voice heard when they are ready and interested in voting.

Sure you would have to address issues like consistency in office, moderating impacts from current events and such, but you wouldn’t have this massive rush of only a very small minority of people making decisions for the masses.

Let’s put voting software in the card swipe at gas stations and grocery stores.


Of course this is just a joke.  I say it to only contrast the difference between decision-making out there.  We marketers pace ourselves to be there when the customer wants to decide.  Elected officials only put on their customer face once every 4 years.

I envy them.

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