Do You Want To Track Calls Through Your Website’s Phone Number?

Do you place your main phone number on your website?  It makes sense if you want your prospects and customers to easily find your phone number, right?

But does that inhibit you from finding out how many people called your phone number for the first time?  That should be important to you if you’re tracking the sources of your leads.  Perhaps you want to track which keyword search term the user made that lead to your phone call.  Wouldn’t it be invaluable to know in advance when you pick up a call that the caller found your number on your website?

I am passionate about this type of tracking and attribution.  And fortunately there are companies out there that let you handle all of this at a extremely reasonable price.  I did my research and found quite a few great firms doing this.  The one that I ended deploying for my company and my clients is IfByPhone.  Props to Steve Scott at Tampa SEO Training Academy for turning me on to them.

Don’t put your track-able phone number on you homepage or your contact us page.  Put your main number on those pages.  For those visitors who know who you are and are only looking for you phone number they should not be counted towards your new leads counts.  Place the track-able phone numbers on the lead-generating pages within your site.

You may find another firm out there that provides a better, less expensive or more applicable service to you.  Everyone has different needs.  But IfByPhone has such great features they are the perfect case study into why you should use such a tool in your online marketing arsenal, regardless of the vendor.

Are you doing the following?

  • Can you track how many calls are from your website with a unique track-able phone number? —   This is a must!
  • Do you push those events into your Google Analytics so you can compare “form fills” against phone leads from your website?– Once you do, you’ll never live without it.
  • Do you have a “Click To Call” option on your website?– Not for everyone, but for those that can use it, it’s a great lead-stealer from your competition.
  • When you pick up your phone does the system “whisper” to you that the caller found your number on the website?–  This is a huge leg up in the conversation.
  • If you have multiple locations you cannot live without this cheap store locator feature. — You could pay thousands of dollars for a custom solution like this!

These are the features that I was in search of and use extensively today.   I can’t stress their importance to a business from a car detailer working on the road to a regional business looking to dive into the source of their business.

Last word on : if you want to talk more about it, then let’s connect.  I can give you some useful implementation advice as well as help you with some discounts pre-enrollment.

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