How To Display A Vanity Phone Number

I have always been bothered by vanity phone numbers.  Maybe it’s the slow process of translating letters to numbers.  Maybe it’s that once I had a cell phone which had no letters on the keypad making vanity phone numbers useless.

My guess is that it really is those phone numbers that have more than 7 letters/digits in them.  This imprecision just bothers me.  It makes me wonder if people dial the 8th, 9th and 10th digit needlessly.  Anything beyond 10 digits (not including area code/800) grates on me for a different reason.  That is just missing the whole point of a vanity phone number.

Well this morning I found peace.  Air Rescue has found a way to use more than 7 digits without bothering me.  Take a look at this photo I took as well as their website.   They have treated the extra letters (I-T) differently in this car’s paint job and that to me is approaching perfection.  They have realized that some of us don’t like the extra digits and put our minds at rest that they are not needed.

For any small business wanting to display their vanity phone number, take note.  It is details like this in the execution of your marketing that make a difference.

Thank you Air Rescue!

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