Online Marketing, Tampa Style – 4 New Google Trends to Watch Closely

As the New Year approaches here in the Tampa Bay area many businesses large and small are looking to make changes and begin the new life for their body as well as their business. Online marketing is usually the first place people target to make a substantial impact to the business. So we take a look at 4 new Google trends worth watching closely.

Google is cluttering the search results page. Over the past few months and in months to come Google will add more components to the results page including:

  1. Social Search results. Currently at the bottom of the page.

    Social Search Results

    Social Search Results

  2. Profiles. Also at the bottom for name searches.

    Personal Profiles

    Personal Profiles

  3. Local Listings Ads. An expansion of AdWords that pushes organic results (non-revenue generating) even further down.

    Local Listings Ads

    Local Listings Ads

  4. AdWords SiteLinks. Another line or three within the paid results.

    AdWords Sitelinks

    AdWords Sitelinks

What does this mean for you? It’s no longer easy to dominate the search results on Google. In addition to traditional organic search results and AdWords tactics you now need to expand your list of campaigns if you want to own the results page and starve out your competition.

As with any channel of marketing it’s important to weigh the time and investment you make in online marketing to insure you are getting a good return. Even with online marketing there may be better and more efficient options than Google for gaining new business.

But most of the options are niche and focused on your particular industry or vertical. Google is the good catch-all for all industries, but don’t be blinded by its press. There are other options; ones that may be less expensive.

Soon I’ll delve into a few of those vertical as they relate to Tampa and how businesses in them could attack the online market and capture local, regional, national or even international business.

If you would like to see me focus on your industry, contact me and I’ll glad to share the results right here with you and the world.

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