Web Analytics, Crucial to Understanding Visitors to Your Site

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” – Sherlock Holmes

Without having the facts concerning just about anything in the world, it is hard to really understand the inner workings of what is at hand. We can make assumptions and draw conclusions, but we will still be missing out on much bigger clues that could help guide us to becoming more successful. When it comes to establishing and maintaining a Web site presence, this is absolutely the case. The more you know about your site visitors, the more you can increase your chances that they will stay longer, which in the end should increase your bottom line.

In order to have the most effective Web site possible, ask yourself how much you really know about it, beyond how it looks. How do people find your site? What is the most common page from which they enter and exit your site? When you can answer questions like this, you will know what you need to do in order to keep them there longer. For example, if you identify the page where you visitors typically exit your site, you can then analyze that page and see what can be done to remedy the situation. Maybe the page needs to be re-vamped, in order to help create a different path for the visitor.

Web analytics, which is the science behind learning more about the site’s visitors and their surfing habits, can go a long way toward helping you capitalize on the people visiting your site. It is an effective way to help determine what should be done in order to keep the visitor there longer, an answer which may be as simple as prompting them to click to another area, or making sure you give prime placement to your most popular products and services.

Sherlock Holmes may not have been around to witness Web sites, but his message still rings true today. In order to have a successful site, we must first have all the facts, so we can build theories that are based on those facts.

Web Analytics Class

Flat World Media and its founder, Mark Regan, will be presenting a web analytics class at St. Petersburg College on April 14 & 16, 2009. To learn more about how to view your site visitor’s behaviors, join us as we reveal the tool that provides insight into your website. Web Analytics. To register, go to: St. Petersburg College

What does your website do for you?

If you do not know the answer to that question, you may be missing the mark when it comes to your website. The mission of an e-commerce site is clear: it has to sell a product. But what about those companies that need lead generation, rather than offering something that can be added to a shopping cart? How your site has been designed for generating leads can make or break this goal.

The most important thing all businesses need to keep in mind, when it comes to their website, is that it is meant to be a means to an end. It is not the end goal. Sure, you want to get people to the site, but it cannot end there. You need them to do something once they get there, or your efforts will not pay off. While most businesses tend to use their site like a brochure, it still needs a call to action to generate leads.

If you have not done so before, now is the time to analyze just how well your website is converting to increased business. Several of the ways you can increase the ratio of visitors converting to leads include:

• Making sure it is easy for people to contact you on every page of your site.
• Offer multiple ways for people to contact you. While some people may not want to pick up the phone, they may not mind e-mailing for additional information. Be sure to include phone, e-mail, and address information.
• Keep the site’s online footprint small so that the visitor is not bogged down by pages that are slow to load. If the site is slow, they will likely go.
• It is imperative that you have compelling copy on your site so that your visitors know what you offer, how it can benefit them, and how to contact you. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to do the work, as they are trained in using language that is more apt to increase consumer interest and generate leads.
• Ask your visitors to contact you. Providing a prompt, or suggesting that they contact you for more info, will put the thought into their head. You can really increase interest by offering a free estimate or evaluation, or something else along those lines.

In my next post, I will discuss how to drive quality traffic to your site. But first it is important that your site be ready to achieve its goal once people get there. Give that some thought, make the necessary adjustments, and get ready to learn some tips on attracting customers to your site.