Is a business coach just a therapist?

I have a meeting this week with a business coach.  I’m curious about how this works.  Will he just be more of a therapist or will he bring some business knowledge to the table and help me with my current struggles of strategy and salesmanship?

Back Again (For Now)

Life is good these days and some changes happening at my company have reignited my blogging flame. Though I may take this forum a new direction in hopes that it will be more current and authentic. With that said…

6 months ago we acquired a 10’x15′ office suite around the corner from my house that today holds the four of us. It has been great, but it has been bothering me as to whether it is necessary. With today’s tools do we need to be in each other’s presence? As we continue to grow, do the candidates need to be within driving distance?

We have decided no. Next month we will close our physical office and move all of us back to our respective homes. We still plan to meet in person on occasion, but we have laid out the tools we need to collaborate online in such a way that we may meet less and less.

I will miss my office. It legitimized the business to me. Of course our customers never saw it. It never lead to new business. The Internet connection was horrible. But it did give me a place to work after 5pm when my daughters came home after their long day. So that is not a selling point to moving back into the house.