What is Slingbox and why would you want it

Let me tell you why I would want a Slingbox.

I travel extensively in my profession. At times, when I am in my hotel room, I miss those TV programs back home that I love most. Sometimes I would want to watch one of my stored programs. So what do I do? I take out my notebook, log on to my Slingbox and, as I relax in my hotel room, I get to watch all my favorite programs.

As you sit in on your lanai, drinking a beer, you get your notebook, and get it to hook up your wireless Internet service. After that you just log on to Slingbox, and let your TV program stream into your laptop. Mind you, you have your TiVo kept next to your TV in your living room, and you are accessing all your favorite programs remotely.

When you get one of these gadgets, setting it up is easy. You would just need to install the Slingbox client in your notebook or PC. The software hunts and locates your Slingbox from your home network, and then all you do is follow as you are guided. You are guided through the configuration steps, and you get feedback of what is happening with each step that you go through. That’s it. You are ready to watch the stored programs in your TiVo, or live shows on your TV from wherever you want. If you have a wireless connection to your Internet, or an Internet service where you are, go anywhere in the world and watch your programs.

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