The Latest Hard Drive Camcorders

The day is finally here no more tapes in your camcorders. The latest camcorders have a hard drive installed, providing you with more video than MiniDV or DVD. These latest hard drive camcorders are gaining popularity in the market, and do not restrict your video shooting. Sure it costs a bit more, but the advantage provided by the latest hard drive camcorder with its large storage capacity makes it more appealing. Leaves one to wonder what is next?

If you are traveling with your camcorder, you might want to film important events in high definition. Your hard drive camcorder provides you with that benefit, along with the advantage of endless shooting. Sony has recently introduced its compact models in the market. The Sony 60GB DCR-SR220 and DCR-SR85 camcorders provide you with continuous recording (LP mode) of up to 41 hours, where as the 40GB DCR-SR65 and 30GB DCR-SR45 models provide up to 27 and 20 hours respectively.

Canon HG10 is the smallest high definition hard drive camcorder in the world. The camcorder weighs just over 1.2 lbs and is Canon first HD hard drive camcorder. The model has 40GB hard disk that provides 5.5 hours of AVCHD recording, when set to the highest quality setting, compressing the video at 15Mbps.

However, some buyers tend to think that a removable storage media, such as a tape, or a removable memory card, is an advantage. Panasonic in its new SDR-H18 has provided the option of either recording your video shoots to a built-in 30GB hard disk, or to a SD/SDHC flash memory card, with no change in video quality.

JVC Everio GZ-MG360 is the new super-slim designed 60GB hard drive camcorder recently launched by JVC. This camcorder offers 35x optical zoom, along with integrated auto illumination, high performance Konica lens, and provides you with 75 hours of video shooting. The camcorder also features a slot for microSD Card, which can be used for storing videos and stills which you would want to share.

I, myself, just recently bought the Sony DCR-SR42. It is so nice to not have those pesky tapes anymore.

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