Email Expectation

Let’s say you visit a website and like what you see. You then click on a link to “email for more information”. What is your expectation on a response?

This is not a customer support question; it is a product/service inquiry question? Maybe you can’t find the price or have a question that isn’t answered on the website. Let’s also say their phone number was available.

Leave a comment. I’m interested in your answer.

You Must Snag SnagIt!

We have all attempted to capture words, images, and webpages from our screen and share them with others. There are many methods to do this:

  • Print Screen
  • “Save As”
  • Print to PDF
  • And other screen capture tools

About 30 days ago I heard about a tool that had come up in other conversations for years. So I downloaded the 30-day trial.

Wow! SnagIt is the Mac Daddy.

DO NOT download this trial unless you have $40 to spare. I challenge anyone to download and run this program for 30 days and NOT buy it. It is that good. Now that I’ve used some of their features I cannot live without it. I have made it part of my must-have tools.

And no, I do not get any kickbacks from your buying this software. I am here evangelizing for free.

Here is one of the best marketing tools I have seen so far. During your trial they send you very simple exercises to try and fall further in love with their product. Why doesn’t everyone do this? It is a 30-day trial after all. As marketers we should be doing everything within our power to close the sale on such a highly-qualified prospect.

Nice work, SnagIt!

Bay Area Business Magazine – Contributing Writer

Last October while I was attending and presenting at the TBTF Entrepreneurial Boot Camp, I had the pleasure of meeting Bevv Beirl, editor of the Bay Area Business Magazine here in Tampa. Over subsequent meetings at TBTF events Bevv and I talked about me writing for her magazine. The latest issue of her magazine (Feb/Mar 2008) has the results of those discussions with my first article, Just Like Being There. If you can get your hands on a copy I highly recommend all of the articles in there. It is a sophisticated and quality magazine.

Landing Pages and TV Show Openings

If you’ve ever been driven to a website where the main element of the page is form to fill out to move on then you’ve been to a landing page. The purpose of a landing page is to represent in a very succinct and compelling way what the displaying company/product/service has to offer.

Cut to yesterday morning when I’m watching Curious George with my 3-year old daughter. Having seen this show too many times to admit I notice the opening segment is this menagerie of every main character on the show and George getting into various troubles. It completely represents the next 30 minutes and compels my daughter to watch the show.

The two are hooks. When done correctly, landing pages and TV show openings faithfully represent what follows and entice you to get involved.