Keeping things straight in the 21st century

One of the great parts of the Internet is the ability to find all kinds of useful tools. What’s even better is when these tools are cheap (sometimes free) and web-based, because then you have the ability to access them no matter where you are. Whether you’re running a small team, working on a project in an online or virtual capacity, or simply cannot keep lists in your mind long enough, there are hundreds of tools out there to keep you organized and accomplishing your tasks. Here are some favorites:

Hailed by PC World magazine as a reinvention of the classic to-do list, RememberTheMilk is quite a robust little application. Beyond the basic ability to create task lists with due dates, you can share your lists with others (to the horror of husbands that have a honey-do list), set up reminders via all major chatting platforms and calendar applications, and even plot your to-do locations on a map to help you plan your route better.

This is a very timely tool with the holidays coming up as well. Schedule out your dinner parties, create holiday card lists, and…remember the milk.

For those tasks that are longer-term goals and tend to be repetitive, JoesGoals can be a nifty resource. You set up your goals and monitor your progress, with the added benefit of putting in vices or things that thwart you from you task. It helps you to visualize those small things that never seem to get done or often fall through the cracks so you can kick the bad habits.

Sometimes what you need is a literary kick in the rear. WorldofInspiration is a good place to pick the brains of the famous (and not so famous) for some words of wisdom. The beautifully clean design will instill a zen-like sense of focus, and provide words worth chewing on all day. You can even subscribe to receive emails with quotes for when you’re too busy to even take personal inspiration time!


If it feels like projects and to-dos are circling your team like a tornado, give BaseCamp a try. It easily helps you create projects, keep related file stored, have team chats, assign to-dos, and set milestones with email reminders. It’s your one-stop for effective collaboration and project communication, and you don’t need a PhD in software to figure it out, as seems to be the case with other applications. You can check out the company that develops it, 37signals, for additional easy-to-use tools that can seriously help out a team that’s hurtin’ for help.

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