Xobni releases your email

Last Friday I finally received my invite to test out a new tool that reportedly made email easier to use, Xobni. This Web 2.0 app claims to make our use of email more efficient. I don’t know about those claims, but I do know that it has some nice features.

After installing the Outlook Add-on, a new preview window appears when an email is selected. I’ll highlight two of my favorite features:

1. If you have a contact for the sender and also have a photo of that sender, then their photo is shown. Just like my cell phone I like this feature because I recognize faces quicker than I do names.
2. Email analytics show when that sender most often emails you. This “eye candy” is actually pretty cool to see the emailing tendencies of others.
3. An implied social network is created based on all email from this user. So you quickly can see your many relationships. Don’t know why I need this, but I like it.
4. Much like an add-on from LinkedIn, it extracts phone numbers from emails, so you can quickly call them even if the current email does not have their phone number.

If you like to play with new toys, Xobni, is one to try out.

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