Business-to-Consumer is changing before our eyes

Over the years, it has taken industries decades to embrace new ideas or sometimes to fend off new ideas. But what we are seeing today is how consumers are defining the rules by which the will allow marketers to reach them, not the other way around.

A recent study by Forrester Research shows that members of social networks like MySpace and Facebook will not allow traditional marketing methods to be effective. “People no longer want ‘interruptive’ brand communications; they want interactions with their peers and true value from companies”.

Also today reactions are pouring in about YouTube‘s new transparent ad format. While some viewers like the innovative format, some are once again demanding their preferences be honored when being marketed toward.

Unlike years ago, today’s viewers have too many options to choose from. If a marketer, or more importantly, the service provider does not cater to their viewers with respect to marketing efforts, the viewer will all too often more on down the road.

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