Travel is getting worse

I just flew out to Orem, Utah (a Provo suburb) from Tampa, Florida. What a long day. I am now beginning to understand why there is a market for Very Light Jets (VLJs).

Here is my complaint. 38% of my time was spent not moving! Here’s the breakdown:

:15 drive to Tampa International Airport
1:30 at airport checking in, walking, waiting
4:00 fly to Phoneix
1:10 wait for connection, taxi, etc
:55 fly to Salt Lake City
1:10 taxi, wait for luggage, wait for shuttle
1:00 shuttle to hotel

Total = 10:00 hours (3:50 mot moving!)

That’s ridiculous that I have to spend over a third my travel time not moving. Unless you live at an airline hub (Tampa is not one), you can not efficiently make travel a part of your business.

So annoying!

Which brings me back to the VLJs. They will be taking to the skies in massive numbers soon. The major airlines are fighting it by pushing the FAA to tax these flights. It is an indirect bully move. But they will fly and they will have an impact on air travel. I don’t know if they’ll ever offer me a price I can’t refuse, but maybe there will be some more elbow room next to me as I wait on the tarmac — not moving!

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